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Avoid Universal Default . Paying one card late CAN / WILL LEAD to other banks escalating your credit card interest.

Nix the gimmicky points . Want to get airline points, cash back, or rebates for charging?! Think again! Gimmicks to get you to charge aren't worth it. They are great if you're working and using your credit card for work travel and expenses. Points collection is HORRIBLE if you're a college student charging items you'll have to pay after 25 days of grace. Instead, maximize your credit score and minimize interest paid.

Record transactions . Use your credit card like cash and RECORD every TRANSACTION just like a checkbook register. Want free ones?! Scroll above for the free offering.

Re-finace car loans . Did you finance your car at the dealership?! You probably paid a big mark up. Dealers make $300 selling you your new car over invoice BUT they make $1300 selling your loan to a bank. Get some of that money back by refinancing.

Use a debt repay calculator . Hiding your head in the sand because your credit card debt depresses you?! Not knowing what's going on will get you deeper. Visit and start on your plan. Take your savings and download a few new songs for your reward (just kidding, you should save your money).

Lost Grace . Losing your grace period stinks. If you have a balance, you don't get a grace period on new items charged. Grace is defined as an underserved gift… Credit card companies are quick to take back.

Hot or Not?! . Credit cards are not your friend and can't be outsmarted... the credit system is DUMB and you can "work it" to save on the biggest expense of your life... interest. Watch out: that “Free t-shirt” for signing up for a credit card… will cost you $3,000 in interest. INSTEAD, use your savings at the end of a 15yr mortgage (because you have great credit) to buy a car. The savings are HUGE when you work the credit system. Miniscule if you work against the credit card company.

Get a get-out-of-debt buddy . You work out with a buddy that spots you and helps you with your last couple repetitions... so why not have a get out of debt buddy? You can keep each other accountable and share your mini-triumphs. Before you know it, you'll both have whacked over a major lump of debt.

Fix your credit report and boost your credit score . A high credit score can save you thousands PLUS qualify you for needed loans, mortgages and credit opportunies (car leases, etc). Guaranteed methods to boost your score with the book, “101 Secrets to Boost Your Credit Scores”.




They track your credit card transactions and keep your from surprisingly high balances at the end of the month.


They allow you to record all your transactions. It is like an envelope and it fits over your credit card snugly. Some people call it a credit card condom. This tool is great for tracking your credit card usage. For a limited time, we are making a years supply available FREE.

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