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Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 16:20:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: "D. Glas" <dglas_musicforum@yahoo.com> 
Subject: Re: come on, larry
To: "Larry Chiang" <larry@larrychiang.com> 

hi, larry:  let's only talk through this account, because i need to share some things about ITEX which i can't say through my corporate account.

first, mark has just told me that he is going to work out a payment plan for him to pay your "back fees," so that your account can be open.  this should be very quick. 

second, you tipped me off to wally's case in canada.  i think that you and wally need to be in touch at this point, because his case (from your website) is going to capsize ITEX corporate and help clean out the entire ITEX system.  he is in the process of join mark ashburn's brokerage, too.

3. i hesitate to say this to you again, but i will: you have a very large opportunity to make an influence in barter and in ITEX as we return your stolen money and repair bad feelings.  wally lost 500,000 in a fraudulent land deal which ITEX corporate refuses to acknowledge, and it is about to become a lawsuit in canada.

4. so, i have been diligent with your situation, larry, and we are on the verge of reopening your account. 

5. wally's e-mail address is: wjws@concordian.com  - he would be glad to hear from you, and if you had not posted his e-mail on the UCMS site, i would never have known about his case.

6. we have an ITEX member, methodist pastor and corporation expert in nevada who wants to help you get your money back.  he has expertise in tracking down fresh promotions and making them pay what they owe you.  his name is bob morris, and if you wish, i will put you in touch with him.  he's a good person, and also has no intention of charging anything for his services.  he was very dismayed to hear what happened to you and to wally, too.  he wants to help.

that's all for now.
please keep all content in this e-mail between us.  and please respond to my e-mails quicker, so that i know how much involvement you want personally in getting your money back.


Larry Chiang <larry@larrychiang.com> wrote: Douglas Stambler, Would you pay money to Itex if you were me?  Plus remember that if you did, you'd be condoning x,y and z I hope we're not going backwards. Thanks for trying to get my account back but its highly unlikely that I will put money in to chase the $17k lost Itex money. Larry

"D. Glas" <dglas_musicforum@yahoo.com> wrote: come on, larry.  you've been a hard person to please from the very outset.  you have this idea about ITEX which is partially true, but i wouldn't be working for ITEX if there weren't something redeeming here.

again, i ask you, why don't you just pay to open your account.  it would be a lot better for you than waiting.  ITEX corporate was wrong, we know, can you just open the account, please and do business?

thanks, larry.


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